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About Us

Saudi Alliance Broker’s top management has around 50 years of combined work experience in Saudi Arabia’s exclusive insurance industry. After working in various departments of top three insurance companies and with globally renowned Insurance brokers, Saudi Alliance Broker’s founders left heir jobs in pursuit of starting an insurance consultancy and brokerage firm that could fill the current servicing gap in the KSA market. They had an aim of doing so by introducing various professional practices during placement and policy servicing, adaptation and implementation of technology, looking at possible risk exposures and suggesting best risk mitigation to their client(s).

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Saudi Alliance Brokers (SAB) has a vision to change the concept of insurance brokers in Saudi Arabia by becoming a leader in the Saudi market for providing digitalized insurance services to everyone in need of such services


SAB’s mission is to be the most knowledgeable, trustworthy & professional provider of insurance solutions in the Saudi insurance market. SAB is dedicated to satisfactory customer service with an aim of developing long-term relationships with its clients to satisfy their needs.



Integrity holds utmost importance to us as working without transparency is meaningless, and we aim to add meaning to the Saudi’s insurance industry.

Mutual Respect

We cultivate an environment of development where we help each other grow professionally and personally.


We were founded on the principle of being responsive to the new and existing needs of Saudi’s insurance sector. A sector that needed to be heard.


We believe in working with utmost professionalism with all our clients – whether they are new or old, we treat everyone with equal importance.

Teamwork & Partnering

SAB strongly believes and advocates teamwork. One cannot isolate himself to work and expect great results. Great results are a product of teamwork and that's what we, at SAB, believe in.

Development & progress

We cultivate an environment of development where we help each other grow professionally and personally.



Reviewing and analysing your claim experience, claim service and claim administration to ensure maximum benefits to be delivered to you.

Deep Analysis

We provide our clients within depth analysis of proposed alternatives and assist them with the process of selecting the most favourable insurance options that will deliver the most results to them.


We evaluate and prepare bids specifications and proposals as needed.

Knowledge Transfer

We educate and advise our clients on the market reforms and the key strategic decisions that will benefit them the most in the long run.

Cost Management

We introduce proven programs and ideas to aggressively manage insurance costs.


We provide overall guidance to our clients to comply with rules and regulations in Saudi Arabia.


We partner with the client’s human resource team to develop short and long range Employee Benefit goals and strategies such as Medical coverage, Group Life coverage, Personal Accident coverage, Workmen Compensation, etc.


We deliver and perform informative workshops to educate our clients’ employees about insurance coverages, table of benefits, exclusions, claims administration, their rights and duties in the line of Saudi Arabian insurance regulatory bodies (CCHI & SAMA), etc.


We also look into specialty risks.

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